Precision Parts Show 1- Copper parts

Brand: Xianghuiteng
Minimum order quantity: 1 Pieces
Delivery time: 15 Day
Product Advantages
Complete feedback within 24 hours after receiving the quotation, short proofing cycle ; As a factory, we can provide high quality and cost-effective products.
We can meet all kinds of precision parts proofing and mass production, including 0.005-0.01mm/0.02mm, 0.002/0.003-0.005mm, 0.01-0.02mm high processing accuracy.
There is a professional engineer team with more than 20 years of experience.
We have cooperated with large enterprise customers for many years, the quality and delivery time are guaranteed.
Product Details

1.Support for drawing customization,Single proofing, mass production.

2.CNC machining of brass and copper parts.

3.Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc that has excellent workability, corrosion resistance and an attractive golden appearance.

4.Copper is a metal with excellent electrical conductivity and good corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity.

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